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Founded (2020) by Cortney Connolly, CEO

Co-creatively developed by Charlie Cleworth, Creative Director of LUmkA Couture Wear

LUmkA is a home for those to feast on every aspect of living, in which all outlets are a different interpretation of what it means to be LUmkA. It embodies what it means to be growing up in the age of the internet, where all information is accessible at any time, any hour, yet moves quickly and changes as the real world progresses. It is the hours of looking at the early years of Youtube while sporting the bright colors of childhood nostalgia while growing into one’s own edge and authenticity.

By playfully living in LUmkA the individual finds a sense of home, I started the brand during COVID lockdown as a platform to support my own artistic journey in rediscovering her sense of self. Unlike other brands, LUmkA is built out of those who follow the LUmkA Lifestyle, by accessing the brand you are picking an apple off a tree and digesting it in your own manner. 

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