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White Numb

Welcome to White Numb.

This is a story of living in the white bubble- a culture in which there is a continuous chain of numbness towards one’s own privilege as a white person, and how the blindness we have been taught impacts others from the same or different groups. Take it as an exposé, a journey where I, an artist saw how blind actions hurt the larger community of humanity with no repercussions. 

I have seen it with the Trump-loving beer belly that claimed to have liberal views was a toxic trait murdering the (inherently rigged) system our founding fathers of the United States had created, to the frat boy who has been taught that sex and life have been inherently a tool only for their pleasure. Then to the Karen who knows as a white woman she can hurt others that call her out for acting inappropriately (not wearing a mask, claiming to be harassed, etc.) and finally the woman I saw draped in the classic American flag bikini walking around town not wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic simply because it was her ‘right’.

I made this in anger. Then I made it to catch myself. Yes, there is a profile I have created. But, this collection isn’t about profiling or categorizing people by what they look like, but quantifying their actions. We should judge those on their actions and not their appearance in which a profile is not based on a casing but an accumulation of action. 

Actions are experiences and should be used for the growth and betterment of the larger society. Take the negative as an initiative to make positive.

    This is a story of my continuous journey of trying to be the best ally by opening the conversation that white people need to be a part of. Because staying silent in times of need is “White Numb”. 


Explore yourself, Read, listen, talk, take in, process, have difficult conversations, grow.


- Cortney Connolly (CEO of LUmkA) 

you know this karen, i know this karen,
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