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Born in USA, 2001

New York University Tisch, New York, NY, 2022

Lives and Works in New York, NY



CC (b. 2001) explores the intersection between sexuality, obscenity, censorship, and disgust in the contemporary world. Specifically, the artist challenges performative acts of objectification and endangerment towards female sexuality through the lens of post structuralism, spectacle, and abstraction. Based in New York, NY, CC is concerned with the collective's self awareness in regards to consumption and reaction to work. As if to raise the volume on every sensory scale, CC, a multimedia artist, collaborates and creates intricate environmental installations. In her painting practice, CC experiments with theories of assemblage incorporating bodily fluids, found material, with traditional painterly compositional awareness. CC's work has been featured institutions such as NYU Tisch, NYC and been published by publications such as FreeSwimAn Academic Journal; HoneySuckle Magazine; among others. 

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