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2 - 4 December 2023

616 E 9th Street, NYC, NY


2 December  4 -9 PM

3 & 4 December 11 - 6 PM

Email for appointment

LUmkA is pleased to present SKIN/IN SITU, an exhibition curated by Cortney Connolly. On view 2 - 4 December 2023, the Gallery’s inaugural exhibition will feature environmental performance, Environment 001. Please join us 2 December 2023 from 7 - 9 P.M. for an opening reception and live demonstration.


Dancing in the gray area between active and passive sexual expression, SKIN/IN SITU examines the cycle of endangerment applied to the performance of female sexuality. In the environmental installation, humanesque vessels dressed in cut assemblages of lingerie are activated and altered through ritualistic gestures and choreographies. SKIN/IN SITU edges sensory stimulation to inquire and provoke meditation on the dynamics between expression and audience.

Employing themes of deviance and obscenity, the performance informed by abstract calcified stretched compositions and their projected dancing figurative sisters, build an environment for audience activation. Whether absent, abstracted, or embodied, the sensuality of each medium arouses reflection to the collective’s conscious consumption. Inspired by Judith Butler’s theory of performative acts, the intermedia conversation explores the audience’s responsibility for the dymanics of a safe space of sexual expression.



Nicoleta Krentaras



Nina Gonzalez 

Ruby Chen 

Rohail "Zia" Jafri 

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