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Good Christian Gurl (zine)

Good Christian Gurl (zine)

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 Limited Print, 16 pgs. Published by C to The Three.  All Images and work by Cortney Connolly (2022).


TW:  Sexual Violence Against Minors and Women Mentioned


Artist Note:


Good Christian Gurl came as an uncontrollable artistic impulse to explore and subvert the power structures involved within the Lolita Complex. As a woman, I am no stranger to the objectifying wandering eyes of older men. The feminine prepubescent body lives in fear of its sexualization. This act of pedophilia lives without societal intervention or contempt. Please view the Zine as a metaphor for the nymphet body. The process of unwinding the metal wire casing and turning each page produces an act of obstruction. Good Christian Gurl's progression simulates the perverted eye. My audience, listen to your gut as you turn each page. When do you realize intimacy and vulnerability? When have you gone too far and obstructed her innocence?


- CC


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