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Artist Note:

Why would I make such a thing? Long story short I got botox. Wait, first, let me preface, yes I am (currently 20), no I don't have migraines, or really insercurities- this wasn't for the male gaze and it certainly wasn't going to look better.... all right enough rambling, god sorry guys I am someone that really gets on a tangent, where was I? Oh yeah botox

Yeah people were so mean about it, telling me I was dumb

unsolicited pep talks (i really didn't ask for your opinion) 

telling me I am wasting my money

then after a brief and tension inducive fight about Kim kardashian (and her body) [this was with another woman (traitor)]

I learned... damn this society really has a fucking problem with female autonomy, so I wanted to document my take on the female experience without the presence of the male gaze. 

Also, all of these shirts are limited quantity (2) because I wanna do this NFT style, but because I love to hoard material objects I felt there needed to be a physical factor. so there will only be two of the shirts (in each style ever made) because no one (especially in NY) wants to walk down the street and see someone wear the same shirt as them (EGOMANIA OF THE POSTMODERN WORLD)

enjoy beetches. 

cortney connolly 

CEO of lumka 


yadda yadda yadda

Nina Gonzalez (model and Cortney's og Facebook friend [and collaborator] )

Nicoleta (Pole dancer extraordinaire and model, this project literally would not have existed without you)

Charlie Cleworth (the best photo assistant and styling director a CEO could ask for)

Averil Carr (resident LUmkA hotgirl and model)

Kiana Dittman (model THANK YOU, my love)

Jul (she wanted to be a part of the list but she didn't do anything)

Flynn Resnick (bodyguard [shit gets real in NY])