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Super LUmkA Chatz: Cookie Standardization

Cortney and Averil standardize cookies, talk about gorpcore, chrome, and bestie Julia Fox.


Super LumkA Chatz:  Matthew Byers

Cortney interviews fine artist Matthew Byers, known for surreal pop culture flare on his process and inspiration. They discuss viewing to the world through their work, dealing with love and loss, and how to use their work as a motivator.


Super LumkA Chatz: Vogue Photographer Christopher Polack

Cortney zooms in with photographer Christopher Polack, where they discuss his ongoing project 'Human' which has been featured in publications such as Vogue Italia. They go over his process and style, wherein editorial photography one must reinvent themselves time and time again.


Super LUmkA Chatz: Tony Devoney

Cortney and Charlie sit down to chat with Tony Devoney, a visual artist that is known to create vibrant and soothing hand-poured pieces. The LUmkA Team discusses his process, inspiration, and curated space as an artist.  for more


Super LUmkA Chatz: Bailey Scieszka

Cortney talkz with multidisciplinary artist Bailey Scieszka about her process of creating a collection under alias personalities. 


Super LUmkA Chatz: Casper McFadden

Cortney talks with musician Casper McFadden about their new album STASIS (log) along with his previous music endeavors. With a distinct dreamy audio collage style of work McFadden has curated and created a sound that is as calming as is distinct.


Super LUmkA Chatz: Ben Brody

Cortney Connolly and Ben Brody discuss the creative process of his book "Attention Servicemember". During his tour and time as a photojournalist and solider, he documented the reality of being at war. His images are deeply human and although spontaneous- where deeply intentional. You can find him on Instagram: @doctorbrody and


Super LUmkA Chatz: FX w/ Izzi Galindo

Cortney Connolly (CEO of LUmkA) talkz with Izzi Galindo, special effects makeup artist about his journey and process as an artist. Galindo has worked and collaborated with people by the likes of Mike Marino and publications like Paper Magazine. 


Super LUmkA Chatz: TheArt in Design with Mes

Cortney Connolly and LUmkA designer Mes discuss what it means to have a creative process in fashion. They discuss translating energies into wearable art through the outline and structure of putting out a collection.



Super LumkA Chatz: Intro to the LUmkA Lifestyle

CEO (Cortney Connolly), LUmkA Couture Wear CD (Charlie Cleworth), and LUmkA Filmmaker Flynn Resnick discuss being artist, collaborators, how the outside world has affected the process, and essentially the LUmkA lifestyle.


Super Lumka Talkz: Mental Health with Megan Li


CEO of LUmkA (Cortney Connolly) and Megan Li discuss mental health in the span of mindfulness, healing, self awareness, and growth. Trigger warning: while all topics presented are for awareness and positivity, eating disorders, depression, self harm, and suicide are mentioned.


Super Lumka Talkz: Juliette Finley


Cortney Connolly and Juliette Finley talk about representation, understanding narratives, and utilizing perception of the outside world as a tool through the creative process

Super LUmKA Talkz: White Numb

CEO of LUmkA Cortney Connolly discusses the concept of her second digital installment "White Numb' with activist and writer Jaida Williams in the first Super LUmkA Talkz podcast episode

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